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Real-Life Cosplay Story of Ain Ryu

I am Ain, and here are some of my past cosplays. I am not that confident in some of my outputs here and plan to redo them in the future when I have the energy to do so.

How did I get into cosplay?

It started in late 2012. I joined a Japanese music singing competition as a part of a local anime and cosplay event held in our city. I wore a handmade dress made by me and my best friend so I could have decent attire to wear to such an event. That dress was that black dress of Yuzuriha Inori of Guilty Crown. Though incomplete, that dress made me happy and fulfilled.

And that’s how I began my cosplay journey; the rest is history.

It’s fun cosplaying and making friends and connections in the cosplay community. I may not always have new cosplay content, and I may be slow in my cosplay progress, but I am happy I can cosplay characters I love.

Thanks for reading my short story!

Ain Ryu

Share your Cosplay story

Do you have a cosplay story to share? Share your inspirational story of how you started your cosplay journey and what do you want to share with fellow cosplayers. 

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