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Hi, I am Aliana! Born with a birthmark on the right side of my face…and PROUD of it! This is my story and cosplays.

As a coping mechanism, I used to play dress up in order to take my mind off creeping insecurities (and there’s plenty). In time I gained enough self confidence as well as friends who supported me.

When I started cosplaying in 2022, I still feel some anxiety but this time it feels…different. I feel stronger, more confident and proud of who I am and what I’m capable of.

I always remind myself that it’s not other people who will choose your worth, it’s only you. You make you happy.


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Cosplay, costumes, community and everything else in between. We are the marketplace of choice for pre-loved costumes, from the straightforward all the way to the showstopper. At CosComme, we believe cosplay is not just anime. It is that, and so much more. A cosplayer’s choice is limited only by one’s imagination. We respect the creativity, talent, and skill of every cosplayer, from the choice of clothing material, prop, headgear, up to being the character one chooses to be when the right time comes. We believe that cosplay can be part of everyday life. A renaissance headband here, a superhero mug during coffee breaks there, a manga-inspired wig to go along with your work outfit, scarves, caps, neckties and many more. The possibilities are endless. One can come home and admire anime-influenced artwork on the walls as part of home décor. Anyone can cosplay.

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