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Real-Life Cosplay Story of Andrea

I am Andrea, a cosplayer for over 13 years now. I am also known as Lostaliceph in the cosplay community and here to share my story and some of my work.

It all started with a wig.
Then later a costume and other materials which my very supportive parents bought for me, knowing that cosplaying is a very expensive hobby and making me understand I need to save my own money to keep this sustainable. I also need to sell them after.

I discovered cosplay in high school when I saw a photo of a lady in social media dressed up as Kagome from Inuyasha. I quickly learned dressing up as a character was called ‘cosplay’ and that very pretty lady was ‘Alodia’, the cosplay queen herself. After that, I said to myself I’ll make my own history!

I really enjoy what I do, even if sometimes there are people who can’t understand why. They say it’s a waste of money and time not realizing that with cosplaying I gained self confidence since I’m naturally shy, plus it opened opportunities for me to meet people with same interests.

Today I am the VP of Eureka cosplay club, the CA of Miccostumes, cosplayed countless characters and sometimes a resource person for newbie as well as seasoned cosplayers. My favorite anime are Card Captor Sakura and Saiyuki Reload. My favorite cosplay? Lisa Minci from Genshin Impact.

My advice? This hobby isn’t cheap, get your priorities straight. Cosplay for fun, for yourself and not to please other people.

Andrea. Teacher. Cosplayer. Leader. Entrepreneur.


Share your Cosplay story

Do you have a cosplay story to share? Share your inspirational story of how you started your cosplay journey and what do you want to share with fellow cosplayers. 

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