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Real-Life Cosplay Story of Ange Chaan

My name is Ange chaan and I was always fascinated by anime since I was a little girl, my dream at the time was to cosplay 80s anime characters like mermaid melody and sailor moon. Back then I watched bootleg anime from a CD which I bought from the store.

Since I loved to cosplay my mother and I made my costumes DIY in-house and I felt very proud using her creations. It helped me fulfill my dreams of other cosplay characters.

I love cosplaying because it allows me to express myself and develop my confidence and excel in other endeavors.

I am very thankful to CosComme for recognizing my potential and helping to develop my cosplaying and modeling skills needed to help bring anime and gaming characters to life through cosplay.

Ange Chaan

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Do you have a cosplay story to share? Share your inspirational story of how you started your cosplay journey and what do you want to share with fellow cosplayers. 

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