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Shipping Policy

An essential part of shipping is an accurate ‘ships from’ address, letting your buyer be aware of shipping costs, processing times and the ability to track their parcel. Sellers should ship the item in a timely manner after the purchase is confirmed in a simplified and efficient manner.
CosComme.com has partnered with ShipStation to provide our sellers with industry leading tools, features and software in order to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. For more information visit Shipstation.com

CosComme is not responsible for any contingencies from outside forces or during the shipment process. We reserve the right to deny your access to the site if we deem that it is being abused for alternative purposes.

Return Policy

At CosComme all sales are final. Our community values the buyer and seller experience of each and every purchase in which we take a very active role in. There are instances when a buyer may open a case, such as, when the buyer receives an item that is not as described on the seller listing. and if the buyer does not receive the item ordered.
At the moment, CosComme does not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges on the following:

  • Delivery delays.
  • Buyer remorse
  • Fitting issues

As a marketplace, CosComme sellers have the independence and ability to create their own returns, refund, and exchange policies which may vary from seller to seller, or shop to shop.
As a CosComme seller, you are expected to clearly define your returns, refunds, and exchange policy in your shop policies which may include the following :

  • If you accept returns
  • Who covers returns shipping cost for items returned to you.
  • Time frame you may allow a return of the item.

In the same manner, if you enter into a return arrangement with a buyer through CosComme messages, you are expected to fulfill that arrangement, which may culminate in,

  • Issuing a refund for returned goods.
  • Providing CosComme with evidence of shipped returned goods.

If the buyer receives a wrong item (missent) or receives an item that is not as described in the seller listing, the buyer can report the issue to us within 3 days after receiving the delivery by reporting here. After the buyer opens a case, he will be asked to upload photos or videos and other details that will help expedite the case. If the return is confirmed, CosComme will assist the buyer in returning the item to the seller and arrange a full refund.


Cosplay, costumes, community and everything else in between. We are the marketplace of choice for pre-loved costumes, from the straightforward all the way to the showstopper. At CosComme, we believe cosplay is not just anime. It is that, and so much more. A cosplayer’s choice is limited only by one’s imagination. We respect the creativity, talent, and skill of every cosplayer, from the choice of clothing material, prop, headgear, up to being the character one chooses to be when the right time comes. We believe that cosplay can be part of everyday life. A renaissance headband here, a superhero mug during coffee breaks there, a manga-inspired wig to go along with your work outfit, scarves, caps, neckties and many more. The possibilities are endless. One can come home and admire anime-influenced artwork on the walls as part of home décor. Anyone can cosplay.

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