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Guide for posting products

  • Perfect Packaging is key!
    Whether you are selling one or two items, or even a hundred, make your cosplay/product photo stand out in clear, well-lit shots showing all angles and pieces that make up the costume. If a costume has props or accessories (including shoes or a wig), make a separate listing for them. CosComme allows up to 6 photos per listing.
  • Accurate Product description.
    Describe the item you’re listing in detail. Color, condition, materials used, what franchise is the costume from, precise measurements/sizing (very important), what is included in the listing. Is your product custom or handmade? Other information will help the buyer make an informed decision.
  • Timely response.
    A seller needs to respond to a potential client as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours, and inquiries are answered as conditions allow. Remember, excellent customer service starts with a simple question.
  • A strong community presence.
    CosComme serves a tightly knit community of hobbyists, cosplayers, and others. Your listings can turn to sales by engaging others who may enjoy the same style or follow the same franchise as you. Or simply share other sellers’ listings you think to look great. Goodwill begets goodwill.
  • Reviews are our oxygen.
    Having constant positive reviews for your listing is always a powerful asset. On-time deliveries, product availability, quality, and customer experience are a few things customers write reviews on.
  • Quick Shipping.
    As a CosComme seller, you have to ship the purchased item to the buyer within 3 days. CosComme has partnered with Shipstation to make the shipping process more efficient and user-friendly, as stated in your shop policy.
  • Own the rights to sell
    When you sell on CosComme, you need to make sure that the products you sell and the photos you show do not violate any laws and have the necessary permissions to do so.
  • The CosComme brand
    CosComme.com, it’s brand and logos are trademarked. Written permissions are required for its use.
Cosplay, costumes, community and everything else in between. We are the marketplace of choice for pre-loved costumes, from the straightforward all the way to the showstopper. At CosComme, we believe cosplay is not just anime. It is that, and so much more. A cosplayer’s choice is limited only by one’s imagination. We respect the creativity, talent, and skill of every cosplayer, from the choice of clothing material, prop, headgear, up to being the character one chooses to be when the right time comes. We believe that cosplay can be part of everyday life. A renaissance headband here, a superhero mug during coffee breaks there, a manga-inspired wig to go along with your work outfit, scarves, caps, neckties and many more. The possibilities are endless. One can come home and admire anime-influenced artwork on the walls as part of home décor. Anyone can cosplay.

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